Eat Your Way to Optimal Wellness

Eat Your Way To Optimum Wellness


Stepping stones on the journey to being the most vital and radiant version of who you truly are


Are you:

  • Fed up of the latest fad diet?
  • Wondering how you get rid of that fat around the middle?
  • Tired of being tired and sluggish?
  • Do you want to learn how to avoid that midafternoon slump? 
  • Ready to make lasting changes?
  • Wanting to have radiant health that shows on the outside?
  • Suffering from a persistent health condition or illness?
  • Suffering from food intolerances which limit you from an exciting and enjoyable diet?


Small details can make a really big difference.


If your aim is any of the above, then come and join Nutritional Therapist - Julie Brooks and Nutritional and Live Foods Cook - Catherine Rowan for a no-nonsense, realistic and step by step guide on how you and your family can move towards being a more healthy, energetic and glowing version of yourselves. 


Day 1

10.00am – 5.00pm

  • Welcome, refreshments and introductions
  • Get ready with Brekkie Part I:  clear, simple, delicious foods to start the day with.  Smoothies and juices demonstrating (and best of all) sampling!  We will look at the particular effects that specific foods have on the body to start your day with.
  • Workshop: Eat well - eat smart: what does a regular healthy weekly shop actually look like? Pick up shopping tips, cost saving ideas and managing healthy eating within your budget
  • Practical cookery session: Delicious, simple, real time meals cooked in front of you, main meal ideas and delicious puddings (recipe sheets will be in your goody bag at the end of the day)  You’ll even get to eat what is cooked in this session at lunch time!
  • Fresh Air & Exercise – we’ll even show you how to include this essential component of living well into your lifestyle.  Woodland walk and stretch and toning available for all interested.  Nature’s answer to the feel good factor!
  • Connecting the mind and body: straightforward, stress busting techniques to calm the mind and relax the nervous system to help you cope with the stresses and strains of 21st Century living.
  • Workshop: Blood Sugar Balancing: how to prevent fatigue and that mid afternoon slump. Gain a deeper insight into how your body works and iron out those peaks and troughs in energy levels
  • Managing your lifestyle - Making effective changes: (part 1).  Psychotherapist, life coach and mentor Graeme Layzell discusses how to create change in your life which is meaningful.
  • Afternoon tea: tuck into a delicious afternoon tea.  No wasted calories here, just fulfilling goodies, that nourish the body and taste great.  Recipes will be available in your goody bag at the end of the day.
  • Hungry For Change: if you are able to stay at the end of the day then we would encourage you to watch with us the inspiring film: Hungry For Change.  Learn from those at the forefront of nutritional health and those who have struggled to lose weight for many years on why diets DON’T work. … and what DOES WORK!.  We wouldn’t be surprised if you will want to have this film in your library after watching it.



£140 for one day